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You have just purchased a T-shirt or a textile product from the Fifty Miles by Fabien Novarino brand, and we thank you for it.

Here are some washing and maintenance tips so that your garment retains all its qualities for longer and gives you complete satisfaction.


Before the first use, we advise you to wash your T-Shirt or other, alone. Smells of knitting oil and printing ink may remain.


  • WASHING: Sort by color and do not load the washing machine. Put the garment inside out and wash at a maximum of 30°, 30 to 45 minutes maximum.


  • DRYING: Never use a tumble dryer which degrades the fibers and the print. Do not shake the garment too vigorously to avoid deforming it, nor pull on it. It should not be taken to prevent the weight of the water from lengthening it. It should be laid out on horseback, avoiding full sun and always upside down.


  • IRONING: Garment must be inside out to iron. The iron set to medium temperature and no steam (150° or *** setting). If you fold it, do not mark the folds with an iron. The ideal is to store it on a hanger in your dressing room.

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